Welcome to Pittsburgh, the next global life science hub. LSW19 is a five day exploration of cutting edge technologies, sciences and partnerships that define the future of life science innovation. Experience life changing research and a spotlight on immunology, women’s health, digital health, and more; all through the lens of Pittsburgh’s unrivaled expertise in artificial intelligence and robotics. Plus, connect with startups, corporate partners and investors from Pittsburgh and around the world.

This year’s theme, Investing in a Smarter Life, draws on Pittsburgh’s unique position at the intersection of intelligent systems and life sciences. Most activities are centered in Oakland: The knowledge hub of the Pittsburgh Innovation District, providing maximum opportunity to build connections between industry, investors, startups, and researchers to advance human health and quality of life.

Explore the full schedule below and register for the dozens of panels, receptions, tours, and partnership events that make up LSW19.


Dr. Frances Arnold

Monday, May 13


Tuesday, May 14


Wednesday, May 15

Investor FOCUS

Thursday, May 16


Friday, May 17

life sciences cluster strategy

The Brookings Institution recommends Pittsburgh to leverage its national attention to develop a long-term competitive position as an global innovation hub. Developing a life sciences cluster strategy is key to this.
We will close the week with a round table breakfast discussion around how we bring life sciences R&D to market and develop Oakland as a signature location for industry partnership.