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ALung Technologies is a leading developer of advanced medical devices for treating respiratory failure. ALung’s Hemolung Respiratory Assist System (RAS) is a dialysis-like alternative or supplement to mechanical ventilation originally developed at the University of Pittsburgh. The Hemolung RAS removes carbon dioxide and delivers oxygen directly to the blood, allowing the patient’s lungs to rest and heal. 

Cognition Therapeutics Inc. is focused on the discovery and development of small molecule therapeutics targeting the toxic proteins that cause the cognitive decline associated with Alzheimer’s disease and other neuro- degenerative diseases of the human brain. Cognition is founded on the unique combination of biological expertise around these targets, including proprietary assays that emphasize functional responses and proprietary medicinal chemistry that insures novel, high quality small-molecule drug candidates.


Helomics is a fullyIntegrated Clinical Contract Research Organization The company utilizes a unique live tissue culture platform in association with partners in government, academia, and in the pharma, diagnostic, and biotechnology industries. Through these relationships, Helomics develops and commercializes new bioanalytical methods and technologies.

Mylan is a global healthcare company focused on making high quality medicines available to everyone who needs them.  The company has a broad and diverse portfolio of more than 7,500 marketed products available to customers of all types including retail and pharmacy establishments, wholesalers, governments, institutions and physicians.

Thermo Fisher Scientific is an American multinational, biotechnology product development company. Products include innovative analytical instruments, lab equipment and specialty diagnostics that provide rapid and accurate results for customers in research, clinical and applied markets.

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