Life Sciences Week 2019: May 13th - 17th

Presented by the Pittsburgh Innovation District

Pittsburgh Life Sciences Week brings together a diverse mix of life sciences groups – researchers, entrepreneurs, large corporations, and investors. To connect and engage across the spectrum – from development in the lab to delivery in the marketplace. To foster the integration of science and business that will accelerate innovation and translate research into commercial opportunities.

This week long series of innovation forums covers a wide range of current and emerging topics in the life sciences. Join us during Pittsburgh Life Sciences Week and learn why Pittsburgh is poised to become a national leader in life sciences.

We look forward to hearing from Pittsburgh’s Life Science Community on you would like to engage in this year’s Life Sciences Week: Investing in a Smarter Life.

If you are interested in participating in Life Sciences Week, please fill out one of the forms below:

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The subjects include: AI, Medical Robots, Immune Transplant and Therapy, Women and Reproductive Health, Regenerative Health, Translational Medicine, Social Impact and Equitable Health, or Opioids. The themes include: Clinical/Surgery/Hospital, Corporate/Partnering, Investment, and Policy and Strategy. If you have an expertise outside of these areas, please explain.
*Please note: Just because you sign up for the list does not guarantee that it will result in a meeting, as we will only be engaging a few individuals and companies this year.

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